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5-Methoxy-Methylone (also known as 2-A1MP and βk-MMDMA) is a chemical compound of the cathinone class which has been sold online as a designer drug. It is the beta-ketone version of 5-Methoxy-MDMA.The more common name 2-AIMP/2-A1MP does not appear to relate to the molecular structure. In comparison with methylone, the two compounds differ by the addition of a methoxy group at the 5th carbon atom of the aromatic ring. The toxicity of this compound is unknown.

It’s replacement of Methylone

Other names: bk-methyl-MMDA

IUPAC name: 1-(7-Methoxy-benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-methylamino-propan-1-one

CAS Number: 831232-01-2

Formula: C12H14NO2

Purity: 99,6% min

Appearance: white crystals/white powder

2-AIMP is only intended for research purposes in a controlled laboratory for forensic or scientific study and are NOT intended for human consumption.