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DOC is a substituted alpha-methylated phenethylamine, a class of compounds commonly known as amphetamines. The phenethylamine equivalent (lacking the alpha-methyl group) is 2C-C. DOC has a stereocenter and (R)-(−)-DOC is the more active stereoisomer.

Other name: 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamineDOC

IUPAC  name: 1-(4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxy-phenyl)propan-2-amine

CAS number:    123431-31-2 

Formula:    C11H16ClNO2

Purity:  98,9% min

Appearance:  white powder

Unlike simple amphetamines, DOC is considered a chemical that influences cognitive and perception processes of the brain. The strongest supposed effects include open and closed eye visuals, increased awareness of sound and movement, and euphoria. In the autobiography PiHKAL, Alexander Shulgin included a description of DOC as "an archetypal psychedelic" (#64); its presumed full-range visual, audio, physical, and mental effects show exhilarating clarity, and some overwhelming, humbling, and "composting"/interweaving effects.