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4-MeO-PCP (4-Methoxyphencyclidine) is a chemical of the arylcyclohexylamine class which acts as a hallucinogenic dissociative. The synthesis of 4-MeO-PCP was first reported in 1965 by the Parke-Davis medicinal chemist Victor Maddox.[1] A 1999 review published by a chemist using the pseudonym John Q. Beagle suggested the potency of 4-MeO-PCP in man was reduced relative to PCP. Two years later, Beagle published a detailed description of the synthesis and qualitative effects of 4-MeO-PCP which he said possessed 70% of the potency of PCP

UPAC name:  1-[1-(4-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexyl]-piperidine
Other name:  4-Methoxyphencyclidine
CAS number:     2201-35-6
Formula:             C18H27NO
Purity:  99% min
Appearance:  white powder

Users have reported substantial differences in active dose, these discrepancies can be partially explained by the presence of unreacted PCC and other impurities in samples sold on the grey market.[1] Though 4-MeO-PCP has been suggested to possess dopaminergic activity, it is a relatively selective ligand for the NMDA receptor without appreciable affinity for the dopamine transporter.