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5-MAPDB (1-(2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine) is a chemical compound which might be an entactogenic drug. It is structurally related to drugs like 5-APDB and 5-MAPB, which have similar effects to MDMA and have been used as recreational drugs. 5-MAPDB has been studied to determine its pharmacological activity, and was found to be a relatively selective serotonin releaser, though with weaker actions as a releaser of other monoamines and 5-HT2 receptor family agonist,similar to older compounds such as 5-APDB

It's analog of MDMA and similar to 5-APDB
IUPAC name: 1-(2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine
CAS number: 1354631-78-9
Formula: C12H17NO
Purity: 98% min
Appearance: white powder

This product is intended for forensic purposes.