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5-MBPB (also known as 5-MPBP and 5-MABB) is an entactogenic amphetamine derivative which is structurally related to MDMA and has been sold as a designer drug. It can be described as the benzofuran-5-yl analogue of MBDB or the butanamine homologue of 5-MAPB, and is also a structural isomer of 5-EAPB and 6-EAPB.


It's an amphetamine class and similar to 5-MAPB
IUPAC name: 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylbutan-2-amine
CAS number: 1354632-78-05
Formula: C13H17NO3
Purity: 99,5% min
Appearance: white crystalline powder

Anecdotal reports suggest this compound has been sold as a designer drug in various European countries since early 2015, but the first definitive identification was made in December 2015 by a forensic laboratory in Slovenia
This product is intended for forensic purposes.