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5-MeO-DALT or N,N-di allyl-5-methoxy tryptamine is a psychedelic tryptamine first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin. It has the formal and systematic name N-allyl-N-[2-(5-methoxy-1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl]prop-2-en-1-amine, relative molar mass of 270.375 grams and an empirical formula of C17H22N2O. It forms an off-white powder at room temperature and pressure

IUPAC  name:  N-allyl-N-[2-(5-methoxy-1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl]prop-2-en-1-amine
Other name: N,N-Diallyl-5-Methoxytryptamine Fumarate
CAS number    928822-98-4
Formula           C17H22N2O