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Dextrallorphan (DXA) is an opioid derivative chemical of the morphinan class that is used in scientific research. It acts as a σ1 receptor agonist and NMDA receptor antagonist. It has no significant affinity for the σ2, μ-opioid, or δ-opioid receptor, or for the serotonin or norepinephrine transporter. As an NMDA receptor antagonist, in vivo, it is approximately twice as potent as dextromethorphan, and five-fold less potent than dextrorphan


Other name: Dextrallorphan

IUPAC name: (+)-(13?,14?)-17-allylmorphinan-3-ol

CAS number: 5822-43-5

Formula: C19H25NO

Purity: 99,8% min

Appearance: white powder