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Escaline, or 3,5-dimethoxy-4-ethoxyphenethylamine, is a psychedelic drug and entheogen of the phenethylamine class of compounds. Escaline was first synthesized and reported in the scientific literature by Benington, et al., in 1954, but was later re-examined in the laboratory of David E. Nichols who prepared a series of mescaline analogues that includes escaline, proscaline, and isoproscaline.


It’s the phenethylamine class and similar to Mescaline

Other names: 3,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethoxy-phenethylamine


IUPAC name: 2-(4-Ethoxy-3,5-dimethoxy-phenyl)-ethylamine

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CAS number:    39201-82-6 

Formula:    C12H19NO3

Purity: 99,4% min

Appearance: white powder